Monday, March 25, 2013

Groovy Seed Stitch Headband

So here ya go! Grab yourself some Lucky Lamb superwash sport and get groovy with this free headband pattern.
This is a very easy pattern to alter to your head size but is made to be adjustable.


YARN: Lucky Lamb Superwash Sport
NEEDLE: US 3 (3.25 mm) circulars or straights.
GAUGE: 5 Sts per Inch in Seed Stitch.

CO 30 Sts (for a narrower version CO 20)

Seed Stitch for 9 inches.

1. Decrease next row by BO one stitch on each side.
2. Seed Stitch

Repeat decrease pattern (1&2) until there are 10 stitches remaining on your needles.

Seed stitch for 4 inches (if you are knitting the narrow version, seed st for 5”). BO one stitch on each side so that 8 are remaining.

Change to Garter stitch (knit both sides) for 8 inches. Depending on your head size, you may want to garter stitch for fewer inches for a shorter tail.
Bind off.

Attach 3 Sts to the center of your CO edge and work in garter for 3 inches. BO.
Attach BO end to CO edge to create a loop. Weave in ends and rock it!  

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