Monday, November 11, 2013

A new series...

If you know me in real life, you know that I have a great love for all things fiber. Where the fiber comes from, how it is processed and the creation of fine yarns is just one aspect!  I have respect for the weavers, the spinners, the dyers and the designers. The craft, as a whole, is pretty incredible! Rich in history and diverse enough to entice and encompass a huge number of people across the globe. A passion so great, (sometimes born out of necessity or tradition, and other times a hobby) spread through all countries and cultures, that you could say, "it knits the world together."

I, myself, am a dyer, knitter, crocheter and have taken to designing recently. I wanted to chat with some other people that love these things as well, and what better place to start than at the very end? ;) The people who sketch, chart, create and design the patterns you love to knit. The people who make Ravelry one of your favorite places to spend your time!  Your drooling over cardigans and cowls, hats and mittens, shawls and sweaters is the effect of the hard work that these designers do; so I've picked a few of my personal favorites to spotlight. I'm sure you know their names and have probably even knit a design or two that they have created.

 I'm thrilled with the responses I've received from the women involved. (You know knitters are some of the nicest people on Earth, right?). I hope, that through this series, you will get to know the people behind the designs a little better and understand what great lengths they go to to help you on your knitting journey!

Enjoy the series!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's new?

Oh my goodness! Have I really not blogged since June?! I need to catch you guys up!

My family and I did quite a bit of traveling over the Summer and settled in Charleston for the Fall. It's a gorgeous city with a ton of wonderful inspiration.
I did some dyeing here and there for Lucky Lamb over the Summer, but mostly focused on knitting and designing.
I released 3 Native inspired shawls; Rock Skipper, Freebird and the Dancing Shawl.
There also happens to be a Free cowl pattern here.

Now that we are somewhat settled, I've release some new colorways and hope to get some kits underway too!! There are some Winter designs on my needles now and I'm also busy with some Holiday knitting for family and friends. So much fun stuff happening!

Sorry to type and run, but my kiddos are whining, the dishes and laundry need done and of course, those projects are not going to knit themselves!

There are some great things coming to the blog soon so be sure to check back!