Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's new?

Oh my goodness! Have I really not blogged since June?! I need to catch you guys up!

My family and I did quite a bit of traveling over the Summer and settled in Charleston for the Fall. It's a gorgeous city with a ton of wonderful inspiration.
I did some dyeing here and there for Lucky Lamb over the Summer, but mostly focused on knitting and designing.
I released 3 Native inspired shawls; Rock Skipper, Freebird and the Dancing Shawl.
There also happens to be a Free cowl pattern here.

Now that we are somewhat settled, I've release some new colorways and hope to get some kits underway too!! There are some Winter designs on my needles now and I'm also busy with some Holiday knitting for family and friends. So much fun stuff happening!

Sorry to type and run, but my kiddos are whining, the dishes and laundry need done and of course, those projects are not going to knit themselves!

There are some great things coming to the blog soon so be sure to check back!

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