Saturday, May 4, 2013

Turtle Mitts

Kingsley: Mama, can you make me some turtle mitts?
Me: I have no idea what that is.
Kingsley: But you can make them, right?

And so I picked up some LL worsted superwash and began to create the Turtle Mitt!!
I'm pleased with how they turned out but Kings is over the moon! He wears them everywhere and insisted that I actually make 3 in case he loses one :)

So here is the pattern should your child ever request their very own turtle mitt ;)

This pattern is worked in the round using DPN’s or circular needles.
Needle: Size US 8
Yarn: Lucky Lamb Superwash Worsted
Gauge: 4sts/inch

*You will need to know: Knit Stitch
 Seed Stitch-k1p1, next row p1k1
 M1R - make one right
Using the long tail method, CO 24
6 rows of K1P1 ribbing
Seed St (SS) starting with P1K1 for 12 sts (outside), Knit (K) 12 sts. for 3 rows.
Increases: Row 1. M1R, SS12, M1R, K12
      Row 2. SS13, K13
                Row 3. M1R, SS13, M1R, K13
                Row 4. SS14, K14
                Row 5. M1R, SS14, M1R, K14
                Row 6. SS15, K15
Left Thumb: Row 1: SS15, K12, BO3
        Row 2: BO3, SS12, K11
                 Row 3: SS12, K12
Right Thumb: Row 1:SS12, BO3 (seed), BO3 (knit), K12
           Row 2: SS12, K12
Continue, 10 rows seed stitch on outside, stockinette on inside to desired length.
BO in pattern.


  1. Hey thanks for sharing this pattern! I made these on 4mm dpn and they fit my 14 month old beautifully! Really easy & fast to knit up... and they're perfect for his bumbling through the day! Thanks again!!! -KT