Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays!

It's that precious time between Christmas and the New Year and I love it. Its the pause I need after 365 days of madness, and a quiet time for me to reflect and a plan for future adventures with my lovely husband and beautiful boys.  It also happens that there is a lot of knitting happening, too.

The past few days have been filled with sketching up patterns to work up in the new year, planning colorways, mapping out kits and contemplating yarn clubs. As I was working up the new patterns, my thoughts drifted to my favorite designs of 2013. One in particular stuck out because of this time of year and the season, so I thought I would share it with you.

 A few weeks ago, I knitted a crown for my oldest son. It's always fun to pull out crowns at Christmas or Birthdays, or just everyday creative play. I wanted to present the pattern here on the blog for free. I love how it looks in Variegated yarn but a few of my friends have made it in solids and its just as adorable. Here it is modeled by my girlfriend's beautiful daughter.

Child Crown
Needles: Size US2 16” circular
Yarn: Fingering weight of choice. you will need about 18g.

CO 120 sts onto size US2 16” circular
Join in round
K2P2 rib for 12 rounds
Round 13: knit all sts

Repeat 1&2 four times total.

1) *M1, K4, Slp 2tg, K1, pass 2 slp sts back over, k4, M1, K1*
2) Knit

Picot BO (CO 2, BO 4 *for fewer points on crown, BO 6)

Weave in your ends and make your little ones royal!
You have to block those picot point up! So, pin them or string them up in the blocking process.

Happy New Year everyone! 

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