Saturday, November 1, 2014

Feature Designer: Alicia Plummer

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This feature designer profile is running a little on the late side and will, unfortunately, be the last of the year.  It has been an enlightening and enriching experience for me and I hope for you as well.  Being a professional knitwear designer is not for the faint of heart. There is a LOT of work involved and the ones I chose to interview, do it oh so well!

Today, I'm chatting with Alicia Plummer! I have so many of her patterns queued and even knit up.  I most recently finished Ease and am looking forward to starting Woodstove Season and Nested has been calling to me forever. I must say, just about everything she releases I itch to cast on.

LL: What is your first thought when you awake?
AP: Hmm. I am usually woken up by my children climbing all over me and snuggling. I think of how lucky I am to have them. Then I think about the weather--is it a good day for knitting and renovating the house? Or is it nice and should I take the kids to the beach or on an adventure of some sort?
LL: What does the perfect knitting evening look like for you? Needles, yarn, 
environment, music, tv?
AP: I love sitting on our camp porch and talking with my husband while I knit. Rainstorms on the porch are amazing, that sound! When it gets colder, my husband runs the woodstove and I love knitting by the fire with tea late at night while watching a good, brainless show. haha!

LL: What /who inspires you?
AP: So many people inspire me! I think my biggest inspirations are just life experiences-colors usually trigger feelings and memories for me, so I pour that into my work. I am so thankful that God blessed me with a passion for this!
LL: What is your favorite part of the design process?
AP: Binding off! And then seeing test knitters-seeing people finish their FO’s and feel good about themselves in their pieces. Everyone has a special beauty, and I feel like a good piece of knitting brings it out.
LL: What is the part you most dread?
AP: Hahahahaha--so easily said- the charting and the editing. Finding math errors that I didn’t know were there--some of them can be SO common sense!
LL: What was your first knitting experience and how did it influence you?
AP: My grandmother taught me the basics when I was very young. But then, my mother showed up at my house with a children’s cardigan pattern and some needles. My daughter was about 18 months and I dove right into it. I loved every second, and just looked up anything I didn’t know how to do online. I was hooked.

LL: Is there anything you’ve yet to tackle, knitting wise?
AP: YES!!! Set in sleeves. Set in sleeves. Amy Christoffers does perfect set in sleeves and they fit amazingly. I’m hoping to add that to my repertoire.
LL: What’s your favorite FO to date?
AP: Probably Ease. I’ve made a few, they’re just so simple and comfy to throw right on. They always look good in a casual way.

LL: Who is your favorite person to knit for and why?
AP: My 6 year old daughter--she gets SO excited when I make her a sweater and then wears it nonstop. I know she may not always feel this way so I will soak it up while I can!!!
LL: Favorite knitting book, magazine or festival?
AP: I think all my stitchionaries are my favorites- so much to work with!
LL: Do you have any Tips or tricks for aspiring designers?
AP: Definitely just dive right in! You’ll never grow much if you’re not willing to tackle things and have a few failures. My set in sleeves attempts SO FAR have ended up with me flinging a book across the room (ever so gently), lol. But I know one of these days the math will click. Also--get a good camera and take lots of shots!

If you'd like to read more about Alicia check out her website
Huge thanks to Alicia for taking the time to answer my questions and ALSO for offering up a gifted design of hers to 3 readers. To enter to win a pattern from Alicia, simply comment below. I'd love to know if you've made one of her designs, what awesome pattern of hers is in your queue and/or if you already have one on the needles! 
Winners will be drawn using on Tues. Nov. 4th, 2014.

P.S. I have many life changes happening over the next couple months, so I won't be blogging again until after the new year. BUT, I will return with lots of great news :)


  1. Campside will be hitting my needles after I finish my current WIP. Ease is in queue along with many other of Alicia's designs. Lovely work!

  2. I love her designs! I've made Ease and am looking to make Eased in the near future with some bulky yarn.

    Great interview and can't wait to hear about your great news!

  3. I have made "Backshore" and "Abate". Love her patterns and am going to look for and queue that gorgeous shawl shown in the blog.

  4. The Starboard i made turned out wonderfully. Next would likely be Briquette or Ease.
    Lovely interview :)
    I am looking forward to hearing your good news, Amanda!

  5. Ease is on the top of my list! I also am drooling over the cowl and the hat in this post. I somehow haven't knit anything of hers and that is a crime!

  6. I recently bought 6 of Alicia's sweater patterns! I can't wait to knit one for myself, but first I have to finish Abate for my daughter's fifth birthday. Excellent interview!

  7. Sand shore has been in my queue for a while, and now salted and birchbark are being added!

  8. I am most wanting to knit would be a tie between Ease or Briquette, both of which I've just to find time! But I have several others in my faves list as well :)

  9. I'm currently knitting Ease and I love it! I have Abate in my queue, and I super love the hat in this blog post.

  10. Oh! Ease looks like absolute perfection -- and Campside as well! Such beautiful patterns!